Sunday, July 10, 2011

A day at CM 10/7/2011

Went to dhoby cm and played a couple of practicing rounds, noticed that there have been many people looking for pots but then no one wants to let out to make a loss, as anticipated, it might just cap at 45 lowest for jap pots. English and jap pots are not so close substitudes and hence a increase in supply of english pots will not really decrease the price by jap pots a lot. Jap pots are needed for nationals and asia related competitions too.

Moving on, i tot about playing x-sabers as a fresh start to a new deck, nt that my agents are weak or what, i haven mastered agent perfection yet, often running out of steam at top8 / top4 . Have to fix my matchup against dandy and friends too, often i find myself running out of resources quickly with a couple of funny misplays.

Next week is the release of Photon Shockwave, might try to tweak agent angel a bit to more OTK format, might also give mainspring a 2nd shot and also evoldo a try, although i can't seem to gather enough resources yet.

As the time passes, the banlist looms, with enough analysis by various blogs, its really apparent that dopples will get hit, heard rumors of icarus getting hit too. Lets hope they dun touch my beloved hyperions and trap stuns.

Wun be surprised if they restrict formula to just 1 or junk synchron to 1. Though many are saying librarian are the cause of their gayness.

Seems like yugioh would be interesting for the time being at least, on a more serious note i should start doing school work lol

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